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The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

Just as your furry friend gives you joy, you undoubtedly want the best for him, especially when it comes to his health. While often overlooked, pet dental care is extremely important. The experts at Boulevard Veterinary Hospital offer multiple solutions to improve your pet's overall health, including pet  home dental care, teeth cleaning, and tooth extractions. Let's take a closer look at the importance of pet dental care.

Bad Breath Could Be a Sign of Pet Dental Problems

Pets do not tend to have minty-fresh breath like their owners and the underlying cause of bad breath could be the direct result of a bacterial build up in the mouth. The growth of bacteria could directly lead to pet dental problems, including tooth loss, gum disease, and buildup of plaque. When you schedule pet dental care at our animal hospital in Norfolk, near Virginia Beach, you can prevent  severe dental problems for your pet.

Dental Problems Can Lead to More Health Problems

Veterinary research reports that periodontal disease in cats, dogs, and other animals is directly linked to specific organ diseases. In particular, periodontal disease has a connection with heart disease, kidney disease, and liver disease. One of the key signs of a potential emergency is loose /fractured /abscessed teeth  which could be an indicator of a dangerous problem with their health.

Dental Care Gives Your Pets a Voice

Your pet can't speak for himself. He can't let you know where it hurts or if something is wrong. With proper dental care, you can be proactive about his overall health. If your pet has a change in his behavior, acting differently, or avoiding food, it may be the result of a bad toothache or a more imminent health problem.

Quality Pet Dental Care at Our Animal Hospital

By scheduling regular dental care, you can give your pet the gift of good health. At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, we offer a range of dental care solutions, including teeth cleaning , teeth extractions if needed and referrals for  further dental work up . Contact our animal hospital serving Virginia Beach or Norfolk for pet dental care. The number to call our veterinarian and staff is 757-461-4416.