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Temperature Controlled Boarding and VIP Boarding for your Pet at Boulevard Veterinary Hospital in Norfolk, VA

We also have private VIP rooms that are painted with pleasant and welcoming scenery and boast comfy beds and furniture if the boarder prefers the luxury of home. The VIP rooms include web cams so you can observe your pets during daytime hours on your own computer at home, or while away on vacation. We have an ample play area and a long run for your dog’s exercising pleasure. There is also a lovely meditation garden on site with a koi pond (not for pet swimming) that your pet may enjoy on a leash walk on a lovely day.

Cats are welcome to board in our quiet cattery away from the noise and excitement of the dog area. The cat accommodations are spacious condos that allow cats to move up, down, in and out of apartments that are exclusively theirs. Cats from the same households that want to be together may be together as the owner wishes. Cats that prefer a more solitary existence can be housed in less spacious quarters if they prefer. Our kennel staff personally play with the cats several times a day allowing for brushing and hugging time between meals.

If your pets require medications or treatments while staying with us, our able kennel staff, veterinary assistants, and the doctors are able to care for them as needed.

We require that all pets be current on vaccinations prior to boarding. Please call, or go to our Boarding Reservations page for more details.

Individual tours of the boarding facility by you and your pets are encouraged!

Live Web Surveillance

Please click on Room # link below to log in and view your boarding pet.
ROOM #1 – Fireplace:
ROOM # 2 – Stream:
ROOM # 3 – Spring:
ROOM # 4 – Beach: