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  • 5 Tips to Better Your Pets Skin
    5 Tips to Improve Your Pet's Skin Pets can experience a range of skin conditions due to various factors. Irritations might be a result of weather conditions, seasonal allergies, a poor Read more
  • Importance of Bringing Your Pet to The Emergency Vet
    It’s important to note that pet emergencies aren’t always obvious. It can sometimes be difficult to judge whether your pet’s illness requires immediate attention or if it’s something that can Read more
  • Pet Microchipping FAQs
    At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, we have been sharing the benefits of microchipping with residents of Norfolk, VA for many years. Following are the answers to several questions our veterinarian frequently Read more
  • Importance of Annual Pet Vaccinations
    At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital in Norfolk, VA, it's our commitment to pet owners and their furry companions to provide expert veterinary services. All owners need to be aware of the Read more
  • What to Know For Your First Pet Exam
    It is always an exciting time when you bring your pet home for the first time. Soon after, it will be time to take it to the veterinarian’s office. Your Read more
  • What to Expect When Boarding Your Pet
    At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, we provide quality care for your pet. Not only does our animal hospital offer top-notch veterinary services, but we also have an excellent Read more
  • Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Pet Vaccinations
    If you own a pet, vaccinations are an important component of your pet’s health care. Unvaccinated pets are at a higher risk of contracting severe illnesses, including rabies, canine hepatitis, Read more
  • What Preventive Care Do Dogs Need?
    Preventative care for pets is just as important as routine checkups. There are several forms of preventative care that dogs need to stay healthy. At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, serving Virginia Read more
  • The Importance of Dental Care for Pets
    The Importance of Dental Care for Pets Just as your furry friend gives you joy, you undoubtedly want the best for him, especially when it comes to his health. While often Read more
  • Are X-Rays Harmful to Dogs?
    Are X-Rays Harmful to Dogs? X-rays are common diagnostic procedures performed on dogs. If your dog needs to have an X-ray, you may be wondering if it will be harmful to Read more
  • Emergency Vet
    Emergency Vet Services at Boulevard Veterinary Hospital There are times when pets get seriously sick. Other times, pets may suffer a traumatic injury. When this happens, it is important for every Read more
  • Semi-Annual Exams and Feline Companions.
    Have any of our kitty parents (or their friends) ever said to themselves "My cat doesn't need a semi-annual wellness exam because he never goes outside or interacts with other animals"? Well... Read more
  • Did You Know: Food!
    Did You Know: Food! Did you know that most commercial foods are loaded with highly processed carbohydrates? Our dogs and cats aren’t able to metabolize these efficiently. These carbohydrates stimulate insulin Read more