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Cat Vaccinations

Here at Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, our veterinary services include routine care such as core and non-core vaccines for cats. Vaccinations are vital to the health of your furry friends, and we can help you determine which vaccines your pet needs and set a schedule for optimal wellness through booster shots as needed.

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The Importance of Cat Vaccines

Vaccines help prevent the contraction and severity of illnesses deemed severe enough to warrant extra protection. Vaccines are designed to 'trigger' the body's natural immune responses as the animal grows into adulthood.

When Do Cats Need Vaccinations?

It is common for the first administration of core vaccines to be provided to cats around four to six weeks of age. Like children, they need boosters every few weeks for the first few months after the first dose to help their immune systems stay healthy until they are more mature. While a mother’s milk provides some protection, once animals are weaned, vaccinations fill in any gaps in protection.

Core vaccines for domestic animals include parvovirus, rabies, hepatitis, and distemper. Non-core vaccines will be administered as recommended by a vet who knows your pet's lifestyle and specific needs. Once boosters are complete, pets will need to return annually or upon a schedule for maintenance shots as advised by a veterinarian.

We Can Help You Decide What Vaccines Your Pet Needs

Many vaccines are recommended based on an animal's lifestyle. For example, if you like to hike in the woods with your pets or board them routinely, our vet may recommend non-core vaccines specifically for your pets' protection in such environments. Our veterinary team also specializes in helping owners decide the best parasite and heartworm preventives as well as smart food choices to optimize pet health.

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