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Preventative Care

An important part of caring for a pet is providing them with preventative care to keep it safe from medical risks. If your dog or cat requires pet services, contact Boulevard Veterinary Hospital to make an appointment with our veterinary team for assistance. Here are some preventative care processes our practice provides to dogs and cats.



Pets require immunizations throughout their life to protect their bodies from diseases and other medical conditions. Immunizations are discussed with you during your first pet's well visit so you have an idea about the timeline our veterinarian recommends for these important tools. Our vet will provide you with information about each immunization and the protection it offers to your pet.


Many pet owners microchip their dogs or cats as a means of protection in case their pet becomes lost or stolen. If a pet with a microchip is brought to a veterinarian's office or humane society, it will be found with a special scanner. The owner's information is present upon the chip so that they can be contacted about their pet's location.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites can cause a variety of symptoms if a pet contracts them. Fleas cause itchiness and general distress for a pet. Internal parasites cause problems to organs, leading to sickness and possibly death. Ticks harbor diseases and cause inflammation at the area of the body they attached to a pet. Our vet will provide medication to ward off all types of parasite problems.

Spaying or Neutering

If you do not wish for your cat or dog to become pregnant or get another animal pregnant, spaying or neutering is necessary. Our vet performs these surgical procedures in-house. A spayed or neutered pet often stops poor behavioral practices and is protected from reproductive cancers.

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