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Dental Diseases

Just like people, animals can be susceptible to dental diseases. If you're in the Norfolk area and looking for a veterinarian who can help with your pet's dental care, Boulevard Veterinary Hospital is here to make caring for your pet easier. We understand the seriousness of dental disease in pets and know that getting them treated as early as possible is the best course of action. Bringing your pet to us can get them the treatment and support they need to improve their health.

pet dental diseases

What Causes Dental Diseases?

Dental disease in pets can be caused by several factors. Some diseases can be genetic, but many are environmental. Your pet may eat something they shouldn't, get debris stuck between their teeth, or have a medical condition making them more likely to develop gum disease or other issues. As your pet ages, they can also be at a higher risk of dental problems, including gingivitis, loose teeth, and other issues.

Teeth Cleaning Can Reduce Problems

One of the ways to help reduce the risk of disease in your pet's mouth is to have routine teeth cleaning. You can brush your pet's teeth at home in some cases, but not all pets will tolerate that. There are also chews and treats that can work to clean teeth, but nothing does as thorough of a job as bringing them to your veterinarian for a thorough cleaning with sedation. Assuming your pet is otherwise healthy, there's very little risk to this procedure.

Look for Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are one of the signs to look for when determining if your pet has dental disease. Gingivitis and other conditions can cause inflamed, red gums that can be very painful. Your pet's gums might also start to recede, which puts them at risk for decay and tooth loss. If you notice that your pet's gums seem swollen, or they're red and raw looking, seeing your vet is the right choice.

Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath is another way you may be able to tell if your pet is developing gum disease. While pets don't have the minty fresh breath that people can have from good brushing and oral hygiene, their breath should generally smell pretty neutral. Noticing a big change in how their breath smells means it's time to take them in for a checkup, to determine the cause.

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At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital, we want to help everyone in the Norfolk area take great care of their pets. By reaching out to us today for dental care, you can help your pet feel better and stay healthy for as long as possible.