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Boulevard Veterinary Hospital Services

If you need a good veterinarian to partner with in the care of your pet, we invite you to partner with us, Boulevard Veterinary Hospital. Our full service animal hospital can provide you with all the pet care services you need. From vaccinations to dental care to spay/neuter surgery, we’re here to meet  our pet’s veterinary needs.


Here are the services you can expect from our professional veterinary team.

Preventative Care

We offer comprehensive wellness exams to protect your pet’s health. Through an annual wellness exam, your Virginia  each/Norfolk veterinarian can detect health problems early on, so they can be treated before they cause your pet harm. Vaccinations, parasite control, spay/neuter surgery, and microchipping are also part of preventative care as they help protect and/or keep your pet healthy throughout the years.


A Pet microchip is very small, the size of a grain of rice injected under the skin of a dog or cat, between the shoulder blades. Each microchip has an individual identification number linked to the owner's address and phone number registered with a national database.If you have recently adopted a dog or cat, we can easily scan for microchip with a scanner. When your pet is lost, this microchip will help you in reuniting with your pet. At Boulevard veterinary hospital we can microchip your dog or cat during any visit, it's a simple procedure similar to vaccination. 


Our pet bathing and grooming services are designed for relaxation and personal hygiene. We'll cleanse your pet of dirt, dander, and debris and brush his fur until it's smooth and shiny. We’ll also trim his nails, express anal glands and clean his ears, leaving him looking and feeling amazing.

Dental Care

An annual dental exam and teeth cleaning will enhance your pet’s oral health. Routine teeth cleaning at home and in our animal hospital will protect your pet from cavities and periodontal disease. During your pet’s exam, we’ll check for dental problems like fractured teeth, bleeding gums, mouth sores/tumors, etc., and take measures to correct these issues immediately.

Pet Dermatology

We offer pet dermatology services to treat different skin conditions. Allergies and pest infestations can cause skin irritations, sores and infections. If your pet is constantly scratching, biting or chewing on his skin, licking his feet, recurrent ear infections, chances are he has allergies, parasites or infections. Our veterinarian treat him for infestations/allergies to alleviate his symptoms.

In-House Lab Services

We operate in-house lab to ensure you get prompt, accurate test results to diagnose your pet’s health conditions. In addition to blood tests, we offer tests for heartworm, Lyme disease, and vaccine titers.

Pet Boarding

If your pet needs a place to stay while you're out of town, our boarding services offer the perfect solution. We maintain a safe, clean, comfortable kennels for your kit or pup, complete with private rooms, comfy bedding, and spacious play areas. Our kennel staff will ensure your pet is comfortable and happy during his stay.

Emergency & Urgent Care

In the event of emergencies, call your Virginia Beach/Norfolk veterinarian right away. We offer urgent care and emergency services to treat your pet for injuries or conditions that threaten his life.


We offer routine surgeries such as spay and neuter and other soft tissue surgeries.

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