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Radiology Services

We now have state of the art digital x-ray equipment allowing us to offer the best radiology services available.  We now enjoy the best diagnostic equipment, access to those images immediately, and the ability to instantly digitally transfer images to specialists for review and consultation.

The x-rays can easily be saved to a digital format like a dvd*, or thumb drive* for your own records, or for referral to a specialist.  These images can also be digitally transferred to other veterinary facilities that accept digital x-rays, further expediting the care of your pet.  We are also able to receive x-rays digitally for our many patients who are referred to us for care.

  After an x-ray has been taken, the image can be digitally enhanced, improving the quality of the image, thereby eliminating the need for additional x-rays.

In emergency situations, saved time is often crucial to the recovery of your pet.  Our systems give us an edge in caring for your pet properly, and rapidly.