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Pet Surgery

When our pets are scheduled for surgery, it can be a stressful time for you both. It helps to be informed about what the surgery is for and what happens on the day of the procedure and beyond. At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital in Norfolk, VA, our experienced and compassionate team is here for you and your pet every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible for both of you.

Pet Surgery

We perform a variety of surgeries in our sterile surgical suite. Whether it's a routine spaying or neutering or a more complicated procedure, we provide a safe, comfortable environment for your pet before, during, and after surgery. To learn more about the pet surgical process, read on.

Before the Surgery

The night before your pet's surgery, a veterinarian on our team will likely advise you to withhold food and fluids from your pet. This is to help ensure your pet doesn't vomit while under anesthesia.

On the morning of the surgery, a vet on our team may request you and your pet arrive early. We will then conduct a pre-surgical check which may include blood tests to ensure the pet is healthy enough for the procedure.

Your pet will then be prepped for surgery. This usually includes giving him a sedative as well as shaving and cleaning the surgical area. Your pet will then be taken to the sterile surgical area where a general anesthesia will be administered.

After the Surgery

When the surgery is completed, your pet will be taken to a recovery room where he’ll be allowed to rest and come out of the anesthesia. His vitals will continue to be monitored. You will be informed when the surgery is done and given an estimated time to pick up your furry friend.

Before leaving the hospital, a member of our team will give you a list of instructions to follow for post-op care at home. You can expect your pet to be lethargic and sleepy for a little while after the surgery as he recovers.

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