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Pet Allergies

Is your pet itchy, scratching, coughing, or sneezing constantly? Your furry friend may be suffering from allergies. Like humans, pets can be made miserable by substances in the environment, such as food, parasites, and insects. At Boulevard Veterinary Hospital in Norfolk, VA, our team can provide treatment for pet allergies to help your pet get relief.

Pet Allergies

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a pet that feels unwell, so we work quickly to find the cause of your pet's allergies and administer a care plan to help your pet manage his symptoms. We’ll also work with you to prevent future outbreaks and ensure your pet is as happy and healthy as possible. In the meantime, here is some information about pets and allergies.

What Is an Allergy?

An allergy is an abnormal reaction or sensitivity to an allergen. This reaction can send the immune system into overload, causing a variety of symptoms to attempt to fight off the “invaders.”

What Are the Symptoms of Pet Allergies?

Allergy symptoms may vary based on what causes it but, generally speaking, it's possible for allergies to cause:

●          Scratching

●          Nipping/biting at skin

●          Pet skin irritation (red/inflamed skin)

●          Sores

●          Coughing

●          Wheezing

●          Runny nose/eyes

●          Discharge from ears

●          Pet vomit

●          Pet diarrhea

●          Bloating

●          Gas

●          Lack of appetite

●          Lethargy

What Causes Allergies in Pets?

A number of things can cause your pet to have an allergic reaction, including:

●          Proteins in food

●          Laundry detergent

●          Cleaning products

●          Perfume

●          Mold

●          Dust

●          Pollen

●          Grasses

●          Insect bites

●          Fleas/ticks/dust mites

How Are Pet Allergies Treated?

Once the cause of an allergy has been determined, we may prescribe one or more of the following treatments:

●          Oral medication (anti-inflammatory or anti histamine)

●          Changes in shampoo

●          Change in diet

You may also help reduce your pet's allergy symptoms by regularly washing its bedding, changing air filters, brushing and combing, and limiting time outside on high pollen days.

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