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Surgical Services

We offer a wide selection of surgical procedures to help your pets, from eyes to tails, and the in-between parts, too.

  • Our sterile surgical suite is specially ventilated with positive pressure to prevent airborne contamination from entering the room which is a valuable protection for the patient.
  • Routine operations such as castrations, ovariohysterectomies (spay) , protect the patient from unwanted pregnancies and a variety of disease conditions.
  • Soft tissue surgeries to remove tumors, internally as well as externally.  Biopsies via tissue aspiration or surgical excision provide a wealth of information about an abnormal growth as well as peace of mind.
  • Internal abdominal procedures, such as operations on the stomach, intestines, the spleen, and bladder can all be done as needed.
  • Ear surgeries, such as auricular hematoma repair can eliminate pain and restore function. Many other soft tissue procedures are offered as conditions develop in your pet.

Specialty surgeries are referred to a board certified surgeon in our area.