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Hydrosurge – Pulsating Baths

Our Hydrosurge Baths are a unique bathing system that incorporates shampoo in with water and air to create a soothing sudsing action.  Dirt, dander, fleas and excess hair are gently and thoroughly washed away as your pet enjoys the benefits of water massage.  The massage helps to work shampoo and conditioner deep into your pet’s fur while breaking up body oils and separating thick coats to remove debris.  The blower system uses safe, non-heated air to blow away excess water when the bath is finished.

No worries about heat on tender skin.  Pets go home relaxed and clean ready for a big cuddle with the family.  We include complimentary nail trims and ear cleaning with every bath.

Appointments are required – this is a popular service!  Please be sure your pet is current on all vaccinations!